Cuir Fashion manufactures its own brand of high quality genuine leather shoes.

Type - We currently have Casuals, Formals and Loafer or also popularly known as driving shoes.
We have more than 10 different colors depending on the type of shoes you select, for loafers it includes black, black milled,black softy, blue (Multi Tone Effect) , brown milled, green (Multi Tone Effect), navy, tan milled, tan softy, grey (Multi Tone Effect), Red milled ...

How to User Cuir Fashion Specliser ?
1) Select Type i.e you can either choose Casual/Formal or Driving i.e Loafers
2) Select Sole Color
3) Select Style
4) Select Shoe Color

You can preview our products from a 360 degree angle on the right side of the screen.

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We currently offer free shipping worldwide.

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